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Hi and thanks for writing for me! I've come up with a couple of prompts for each fandom but I don't have specific ideas for how I want them to play out, so feel free to take them in whatever direction works for you or to think of something else if none of them inspire you.
I don't really have any specific DNWs, but I'd prefer the tone/rating to be in keeping with the original canon - so e.g. explicit sex and gore would be fine in a Night Watch story, but not in Chrestomanci. I'm also not interested in AUs for these requests.

1. Night Watch -- Kay Langrish & Iris 'Mickey' Carmichael

I'd be happy with a story about Kay and Mickey together or about Kay separately. If you want to write about them both, I'd love to read about them using their first aid skills to save the day sometime after the war. Alternatively, I'd love to know what happened when they met and what Mickey was doing before the war. Or, what did they do on VE day?
I'm also interested in the relationship between Kay and Julia -- we never get much of their point-of-view on it in the book. They're both upper-class, Kay was a debutante and possibly Julia was too -- is this when they met? I'd like a story set then where they recognise each other as outsiders in that kind of society, not just because of sexuality, but personality and interests as well.

2. The Chronicles of Chrestomanci -- Janet Chant

Janet adapts to 12A very quickly, but moving to a different world and being the only non-magical person in the castle must affect her. Does Chrestomanci (or later Cat) ever take her back to visit 12B, or could she be a guide for him if he had to investigate misuse of magic there? Does she ever find out that Millie came from another world too, and do they talk about it? Really I would enjoy anything where we see her perspective on magic and life in 12A.

3. Cotillion -- Kitty Charing & Freddy Standen

I'm sure Freddy and Kitty carry on helping people after they're married -- maybe they even get a reputation for it. I'd love to read a story where they solve a problem for someone -- maybe a social or romantic problem, maybe some kind of problem involving fashion or furnishings. The person with the problem could be another character from the book or an OC. I'd also like a setting outside London -- maybe Oxford (to see Freddy's brother) or Bath (maybe Fish took Uncle Matthew there for his gout). Or maybe Kitty persuaded Freddy to take her abroad -- anywhere that would have been popular with Regency tourists. If you don't want to do the problem-solving plot or introduce more characters, just a story where they visit a specific tourist attraction would also be great.


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